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The worst upgrades for resale

Updated Thursday, January 23, 2014  ::  Views (4997)

Whether its the Sarnia real estate market or big city or small town some renovation upgrades, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are usually fairly reliable for adding to a home’s resale value. But there are others (and if you’ve gone house hunting in the last few years, perhaps you’ve seen a few) that are just plain bone-headed. What’s worth the cost and what isn’t?  ... Some answers might surprise you.

Whirlpool baths, saunas and indoor hot tubs
Once considered chic, indoor hot tubs and saunas are considered weird, expensive, energy-guzzling extras. Whirlpool tubs (unless brand new) are usually considered a germ infested health hazard.

Expensive built-in sound systems and home theatres
Most buyers will be attracted to a gorgeous thetre room, but most of the time the sellers are taking the equipement with them. ie projector, screen, ect. But not everyone is an audio/cinephile, nor will they pay a premium for a house with this feature. It's hit or miss on this one folks.

Light & bathroom fixtures, expensive ceiling fans, wallpaper and window treatments 
Taste is very individual and idiosyncratic decorating can turn buyers off; stick with neutral, simple fixtures and decor. Especially when you know your going to be selling in the near future.

Landscaping and Sheds

Often home owners put too high of a dollar value on blood sweat and tears that when into their lovely landscaping and meticulous care of the exterior. That unfortunately only accounts for a little.  Sellers like to think there is a value on an aluminum shed 15-25 years old. Yes its nice its here. But buyers can pick one of those up for $800-$1000 at home depot. And its going to look a lot nicer.                                                                                                                                                                                   
Overly fancy appliances
Stainless steel-finish appliances are worth paying a few more dollars for (compared to equivalent white or colour models), but six-burner professional stoves, double dishwashers and a fridge big enough for a restaurant rarely recoup their initial cost.

Cheap laminate or vinyl tile flooring
Some types of laminate are attractive and practical; others just look cheap and fake. Especially avoid peel-and-stick vinyl tiles or be prepared to replace them when you put the house on the market. For not much more money, choose hardwood, stone, bamboo or cork.

Swimming pools or Hot tubs
There is some debate about in-ground pools among realtors; to some buyers, an in-ground swimming pool is a selling feature. But a pool or hot tub rarely recoups half its cost, and pools will reduce the number of potential buyers interested in your home.

Turning a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom home
Even if that third bedroom is miniscule, it’s still a bedroom. No matter how spacious your newly enlarged master bedroom or how luxurious that new spa bath, the demand for two-bedroom homes is significantly smaller than for three-bedrooms, and they command considerably lower prices.


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