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MOVING COSTS - dont forget about these !

Updated Tuesday, June 28, 2011  ::  Views (5935)

Moving Costs - "When it comes to buying & selling expenses in Real Estate...The actual Moving costs into your new home are often over looked. Below are some things to keep in mind when your budgeting your real estate trasaction.  " - Shana Fellows

The amount you spend depends on your decisions about many things. Here are some to think about:

  • Do you want to hire professional movers?
  • If so, will it be a large company, or a smaller local moving company? ie minimum $400-$1200 (for 2 days)
  • Will you need to buy insurance to protect your items in transit?
  • If you plan to move yourself, will you rent a vehicle?
  • Will your current auto or home insurance policy cover your items during the move?
  • Will you have to pay utility companies a fee to connect their services in your new home?
  • Are there other utility charges (such as a deposit)?

Post-Closing Costs

Changing the Locks

When you move into your new home you’ll want to change the exterior door locks for security. After all, you want only the people you choose to have the key to your new home. You can change the locks yourself, or call a locksmith to do the job.


Both your old home and your new home should be given a thorough cleaning at moving time. Whether you’re buying a bunch of cleaning supplies and doing it yourself, or hiring someone to clean for you.  Plan for this expense.  Cleaning services can be super reasonable & save you alot of stress on Moving day. Ask me....and I can defiantely give you a few refferals Ive used in the past with great success.


You might want to re-paint, replace some light fixtures, refinish the floor, re-carpet, or do any number of other re-decorating tasks. Plan your budget, and consider postponing some projects for a period of time. Cover your main areas first & a word to the wise....DONT take on too mnay projects at once. Renos are stressful !


If your offer to purchase didn’t include appliances, and if you don’t have your own, you will have to buy them when you move into your new home. Appliances can range for bottom of the line washer & dryer combo at $399 to over $1000 each.  It really depends on the name brand & quality.   Also, Some appliances might have installation & delivery charges.

Tools and Equipment

When you own your own home, you can no longer call the landlord and/or parents to do repairs. You’ll need to own some basic hand tools and possibly some gardening and snow clearing equipment. ie...lawnmower $150+, snowblower $300+


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