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A Good Sales Representative is Essential - Interview Questions for Sellers

Updated Friday, October 14, 2011  ::  Views (5721)

Whether you're looking to buy or sell your home, a good sales representative is essential – and can be hard to find. Here are the top 10 things to look for in a potential sales representative.

Response Time
From your initial call to contact the sales representative, how long does it take for him/her to respond? Immediately? A couple hours? The next morning? Over 24hrs? That’s a good indicator as to the work ethic of this particular sales representative.
Location, location, location
What area of Sarnia-Lambton is the sales representative most familiar with? You want an agent who knows the neighbourhood you currently live in and/or where you're looking to purchase. Some agents specialize in a certain area or neighbourhood.  They usually have a good track record, able to provide references & have great knowledge of the area sales.
Home Sense
The sales representative will take a tour of your home upon his/her arrival. They should offer tips & improvements to make your home ‘show its very best’ before it hits the market. A good sales representative should not be afraid to tell you their option. They shop with buyers all the time & know what buyers are looking for. They also know the homes currently on the market & a good indication of what your competition will be. We need your help as much as you need ours, in getting your home showing its best to buyers. We need to work together !

Tell Me About Yourself & Your Success !
This open-ended question opens the floor to bragging rights & getting to know a little more about this sales representatives past. What you want to hear: how long the agent's been practicing real estate, their average sales per year, how many homes they currently have listed, how many have they sold this year, a sense of professionalism and the ability to be honest with you.

Does the sales representative offer testimonials from past clients? You shouldn’t have to ask! They should be provided. If not, ask for a minimum if three references. This will give you key information: how quickly the sales representative offers up three sources, how long ago these people were clients, what type of home they were buying/selling and what their experiences were like with the sales representative.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Does the sales representative practice full-time or on the side of another job? Will he/she be available to show your home to potential buyers or show you homes when it’s convenient for you – or will you have to rearrange your schedule for him/her? Will he/she return your calls promptly? The #1 compliant from sellers is “I hardly heard from my agent, I never got feedback from showings” You can have someone working for you Full-Time or Part–Time but you just want your sales representative to be reliable & keep in contact with you.

Your Sales Representatives Competition
You would probably be surprised to find out just how many sales representatives here are in Sarnia-Lambton. Are there only a hand full you can think of? Why is that? What sets them apart? What attracted them to you? A good self-promoter is a great sign that this agent is a hard worker. They take pride in their business.

What’s the Plan?
Whether you’re buying or selling, your agent-to-be should have a laid out plan. When is the house hitting the market? When will we get out to view homes? When does advertising begin? When will the 1st open house be? How many viewings can we expect weekly? Advertising – How is the agent going to market your home? A great sign is if the agent has an actual Marketing Plan. If its not laid out clearly… you may want to look for a different agent

Bang for Your Buck
A confident agent will reveal their suggested listing price before the seller does. A good sales representative has done their homework on your home, recent area sales and, before they arrived to view your home. They will go over the recent sales of your area, your current competition & fully explain how he/she got to ‘that’ listing price. How does the agent respond to your desired price for the home you’re selling? A good agent will understand your wants & needs, offer his/her advice, but should be honest to whether your expectations are realistic.  We want the highest price possible for your home…We make more money too! We also want to sell it.
Money Matters
It eventually comes to that question: What do you charge for commission? Although the seller wants ‘a deal’ on commission costs, Be wary of an agent that gives away their commission check before they’ve even started to sell your home! Will that sales representative be a good negotiator when time comes for an offer? Will they to throw away their/your money so quickly then to?

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